Business Insight

Shrinking margins and continued economic pressures are driving manufacturers to seek out the next wave of operations improvements. Manufacturing companies that have invested heavily in both business and process automation are increasingly challenged to join the two, only to find a no man’s land of manual data reconciliation, transfer, and analysis.  Manufacturers seeking to derive more value from their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Business Intelligence (BI) systems may find that Buisness Insight (known also as Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence) applications are the critical link to the real-time world that’s been missing from their enterprise performance strategies.
Buisness Insight becomes a key requirement to the modern plant floor operational environments. It consits of two major directions:
  • Visibility - having real-time access to the right information
  • Intelligence - real-time information that drives the ability to make sound business decissions
Businesses without efficient plant floor visibility can experience the following challenges:
  • Inability to make key decisions quickly to meet customer needs faster
  • Unable to make adjustments to key business processes
  • Lack of flexibility to efficiently execute on key tasks
  • Face higher production costs due to prolonged production cycle
  • Poorer quality results
  • Unable to share best practices or innovations across plants 
Not being equipped with plant floor intelligence could result in:
  • Lower customer satisfaction which leads to reduced customer loyalty and lower market share
AGW software offers Enterprise EMI Portal powered by Microsoft Sharepoint® to deliver complete visibility of manufacturing key performance indicators across the full enterprise to our customers.
AGW Enterprise EMI Portal allows to:
  • Aggregate information from different plant floor systems including automation, historians, MES, WMS, LIMS
  • Create and maintain persistent functional/operational relationships between data elements from disparate sources
  • Transform data into real-time performance intelligence through the application of business rules / workflows
  • Provide graphical representation of intelligence that supports context based navigation of inforamtion based on persistent interrelationships, enabling drill-down from multiplant representations to individuals facilities, and to individual systems of record as required
  • Automatically transfer relevant operations performance information to the business-level systems (ERP, EAM) on an as needed basis
Aggregation, contextualization, analysis and propogation are managed inside AGW Enterprise EMI Portal via AGW workflows while rich visualization is implemented in Microsoft Sharepoint®.
AGW Enterprise EMI Portal can be hosted either on customer premises or in the cloud. Microsoft Azure ® is a recommended platform for AGW Enterprise EMI Portal hosting.