AGW Software

AGW software addresses the challenges of workflow automation, real-time data collection, system integration and business insight. AGW software offers a scalable, high-performance, reliable and flexible solutions that meet the demand of intelligent process automation for manufacturers, 3PLs, distributors and other spheres of business. 


Ranging a wide set of solutions from a small tailored operator support systems or system integration platforms to powerful business decision-making support environments AGW offers a scalable execution network for enterprise.


Modular architecture of AGW software secures scalability and flexibility of AGW solutions to meat unique business requirements allowing to best way support our customers' needs. Various business domains covered with certain AGW Business Kits integrate all together in AGW Solution Suite providing a consistent cross-organizational network for continues process improvement of Enterprise business processes.


                                AGW Modular Architecture
AGW modular architecture supports flexible aggregation of independent operation environments in unified intelligent operational enterprise network. AGW software supports multiple levels of ISA-95 standard.


                                                  AGW and ISA-95


Offering an operation managing environment we understand that apart of business features performance and reliability are key requirements from our customers. AGW software is designed in a way to support these key elements in its core.


The gains that come from such an integrated and scalable approach can be dramatic and payback is typically measured in months if not years. AGW software gives you the means to significantly improve operational excellence of entire enterprise by consistent improving of certain processes and areas.