Inventory Management

AGW Software offers a number of Business Kits providing control and visibility of your inventory from the time you receive a shipment until finished goods leave your warehouse. AGW Inventory Management solutions designed to optimize movement of your inventory across your facility. From materials receiving down through the manufacturing process until packing and shipping to the customer AGW helps to direct your inventory in an optimal way providing up-to-the-minute information on the quantity, location, status, and history of every item including work-in-process and finished goods. AGW Software supports Win CE data processing terminals and RFID to execute operations with inventory in a mobile fasion.
AGW Inventory Management Features:
 Feature  Track & Trace Kit  Sequencing Kit  IM Kit
 Receiving and Putaway


 Production Release


 EDI and Sequencing


 Order Management


 Addressable Storage






 Material Tracking


 Pick and Pack





Receiving and Putaway
  • Allows goods receiving to incoming stock on a part or container or pallet level
  • Supports scan in with data processing terminal or RFID
  • Collects shipment number, trailer number, vendor information, etc.
  • Collects pelette/container/SKU numbers, quantities and attributes, i.e. lot numbers or serial numbers
  • Supports repack into internal dunage
  • Allows to direct incoming goods to the stock based on predeterminated criteria
  • Allows to scan in location to associate it with the SKU
Production Release
  • Integrated with Manufacturing Kit allows to advice SKU pickup from the storage and move to manufacturing cells based on production schedule
  • Scan containers and items at production cells to trace material movement
  • Supports elecronic Kanban
EDI and Sequencing
  • Receive EDI massages and record customer orders
  • Sequence customer orders to packaging and shipments
Order Management
  • Record customer orders through EDI, Web EDI or manual input
  • Verify conditions to fulfill customer order (material availability, resources, etc.) and trigger alerts
  • Supports prioritization and sequencing of customer orders
  • Manage customer orders from receiving through manaufacturing/picking and packing until delivered to the customer
  • Ship customer orders; generate ASN
Addressable Storage
  • Allows to set up geometrical configuration of warehouse
  • Allows to assign addresses to warehouse locations
  • Allows to associate certain parts, containers or pallets with locations using data processing terminals
  • Advise locations where required SKU stored
  • Advise operator where required material can be picked (location)
  • Track replanishment job via scanning part/container/pallet and location
  • Advise operator where to move job
  • Confirm job completion by scanning part/container/pallet and location
  • RFID support
Material Tracking
  • Record part history (area, stock, location, pallet number, container number) as it moves around
  • Allows to monitor available and reserved SKU quantities
  • Allows to monitor SKU locations
Pick and Pack
  • Advices location(s) where required material can be picked
  • Generates picking lists
  • Linked with Order Management to create replenishment jobs to fulfill customer orders
  • Confirm picking by scanning part number or serial number
  • SupportsFIFO, LIFO, FEFO picking strategies
  • Controls packing in containers and on pallets
  • Supports chaos, batch and sequenced packing
  • Generates item, container and pallet labels
  • Reports to ERP (SAP, MFGPro)
  • Allows to control loading of pallets and containers to trucks
  • Supports sequenced and batch shipments
  • Generates ASN, Packaging Lists, Bill of Lading, Pro-forma Invoice
  • Generates AVIEXP / DESADV EDI
  • Reports to ERP (SAP, MFGPro)

Receiving / Repack
Pick and Pack
Truck Loading